Church History

 Clays Mill Road Baptist Church was founded in 1964 by Dr. Louis Walker Arnold. In those days, the church was considered a little out in the country. It was even said by some people to be "too far out in the country to go to church." Over the years, Lexington has grown so much, that what used to be considered country is now city. Clays Mill Road Baptist Church now resides in one of the fastest growing sections of the city.

The church has had four pastors prior to our current pastor, Dr. Jeffery J. Fugate. In May of 1991, when Pastor Fugate came to Lexington, there were 18 people in attendance in that first service. Since then, the church has focused on one important commandment: winning souls to Christ.  Due to that focus on Sunday, November 13th of 2011 the church set an attendance record having  2,778 people in church! Just over 20 years later the church has seen growth of approximately 100 members per year. It is truly amazing what the Lord is doing through the ministries of Clays Mill Road Baptist Church.

As the church has grown, God has supplied our every need for new, larger buildings to continue His work. Our latest building, the construction of a beautiful college/educational building, began in early Spring 2000 and was completed at the end of September 2000. This has allowed the church to continue to grow and reach the lost for our Lord Jesus Christ by providing classrooms and teaching facilities for all ages.

Although we may look like a big church, Clays Mill Road Baptist Church is a warm, friendly, family-oriented church. It is not a social club or religious entertainment center. It is a church that preaches and teaches the old-time religion, sings the old-fashioned hymns of the faith, and believes only in the King James Bible.