Circle C Baptist Ranch

Circle C Baptist Ranch is nestled in the rolling countryside near Buckeye, KY and serves as a camp ministry for both youth and adults. Preaching is the highlight of every week and every day at the Ranch. The King James Bible comes forth with Holy Spirit power from dedicated, separated, men of God. Each morning and evening, an old-fashioned preaching service stirs the hearts of campers. During the morning, there are also sessions just for ladies and just for men. Preaching is a priority at Circle C Baptist Ranch.

You will enjoy a restful night and wake up in the morning in a beautiful, handmade, Kentucky yellow pine log cabin. Each cabin is self-contained with showers, toilets, and sinks. Air conditioning will keep you cool in the hot months and heating systems will keep you warm during the cold months. Enjoy stepping out on the front porch and catching a breathtaking view of the Kentucky back country.

From the moment that you drive onto the property you will be served by our staff that has not only given their summer, but their lives to serve. The goal of the staff is to be a tool that the Lord may use to help provide the most blessed camp experience ever. Young people from across the United States will join our summer staff, and we will provide you the most unbelievable activities and delicious food.