Commonwealth Baptist College



Commonwealth Baptist College was founded in 1999 by Dr. Jeffery J. Fugate and co-founded by Dr. Russell Anderson. Dr. Jim Jorgensen serves as the college's executive vice-president. With over forty years of teaching experience and more than thirty-five years of experience as a college administrator Dr. Jorgensen is an invaluable asset to the ministry. CBC’s purpose is to train Pastors, church staff, and laymen for leadership. With its family atmosphere, strong emphasis on soul-winning, challenging academic program, and old-fashioned standards, Commonwealth Baptist College is committed to training servants for Christ. At Commonwealth Baptist College, we believe “one man” can make a difference for God! As we read through the Word of God, we find that God is in search of a man who is surrendered to the will and work of God. Here at Commonwealth Baptist College, we are training those who are surrendered to “Make a Difference” for God in their generation. As David made a difference, you, too, can make a difference. As the Apostle Paul made a difference, you, too, can make a difference. At Commonwealth Baptist College, you will see a church in action. Clays Mill Road Baptist Church is making a difference in our state of Kentucky, and we are having an impact across America. We hope to bring revival to America through local churches making an impact in their community. We want to train you to affect your community for the cause of Christ.