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Our Church Staff

The entire staff of Clays Mill Road Baptist Church is committed to serving God faithfully. These men and their wives all seek to perform their ministries in a manner which will honor and glorify our Lord. While the responsibilities of each may vary, they all hold to the timeless and unchanging Word of God as a standard for serving God.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with each member of the staff and take the time to say "hello" when you visit.

Our Pastor

Pastor Jeffery Fugate

Dr. Jeff Fugate

Pastor Jeffery J. Fugate was born August 25, 1964, in Dayton, Ohio, and was saved at the age of five.  When he was seven years old, the Fugate family returned to his parentsí home place of Hazard, Kentucky, where his father, Sam Fugate, started the Bible Baptist Church in 1972.  Bro. Sam Fugate pastored this church until 1985 when he passed away with cancer at the age of 40.  Bro. Jeff Fugate became the pastor of his fatherís church in Hazard at the age of 21.  In 1987, he was married to L. Michelle Cornett of Hindman, Kentucky.  The Fugates have five children and one grandson.

Pastor Jeffery J. Fugate became pastor of Clays Mill Road Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky, in May of 1991.  In his first service at the church, there were 18 people in attendance.  The church has grown to an average attendance of over 1,900 with an average during the Fall of 2013 of over 2,200, and a high day of 2,594.  In 1997, Bro. Fugate was honored with two honorary doctorate degrees:  a Doctorate of Divinity from Oklahoma Baptist College and a Doctor of Humanities from Hyles-Anderson College.  Bro. Fugate has a tremendous burden for the state of Kentucky.  He has a goal to see 50 soul-winning churches planted throughout Kentucky, and has, to date, seen twenty-two of those churches started.


To accommodate the growth of the church and the additional ministries that have been added, Clays Mill Road Baptist Church has undergone many building projects through the years.  In 1993, the church built a gymnasium that was also used for several years as the church auditorium.  In 1998, construction was completed on a 1000-seat auditorium and office building.  In 2001, the Anderson Educational Building was added to the church property, originally to house Commonwealth Baptist College, which was started in 1999, and now serves as home to the Clays Mill Road Christian Academy.  In 2003, the church purchased and completely remodeled the facilities of an old motel in a beautiful location in the city of Lexington.  This 23-acre campus is the home for Commonwealth Baptist College. In 2005, the church voted to begin Circle C Baptist Ranch, a youth camp ministry on a beautiful 117-acre site 40 miles south of Lexington. In September of 2013, construction was completed on a 12,000 square foot building on our college campus encompassing a beautiful 300 seat chapel, a modern computer lab, offices, private music rooms, and additional classrooms.  Buildings and properties of the church are now valued at over $12 million.


Bro. Fugate grew up working in the bus ministry, learning from such men as Dr. Jack Hyles, Dr. Lee Roberson, and many, many others.  Clays Mill Road Baptist Church runs 24 bus routes and averages over 750 each Sunday in the bus ministry.  In 2002, Dr. Fugate became Editor-in-Chief of The Church Bus News, a bi-monthly periodical sent to over 10,000 pastors and Sunday School and bus workers.  Bro. Fugate is the author of five books, Can You See the Angels?, How To Be Close to Your Children, Balance in the Christian Life, and Connecting the Hearts of the Father and the Children and has authored the first in a series of books on Church Growth through the Bus Ministry through Sword of the Lord Publishers with the second book of the series scheduled for publication in 2014.

In 1994, Pastor Fugate became the speaker on the "Voice of the Appalachians" radio broadcast that is heard on more than thirty stations in ten states. He travels frequently preaching in conferences, youth rallies, and revival meetings.

Our Pastoral Staff

A.G. Tyra
Associate Pastor
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Flynn Rodgers
Assistant Pastor
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Mike Dunn
Assistant Pastor
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Dr. Dave Smith
Assistant Pastor
Director of Circle C Ranch

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William Davis
Youth Pastor
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Dr. Troy Young
Principal, Clays Mill Road
Christian Academy

Dr. Jim Jorgensen
Executive Vice President,
Commonwealth Baptist College

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Steve Johnson
Bus Ministry Director
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