Who We Are:
We are teenagers and Youth Pastors of Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches who understand that Revival is bigger than one person, one place, or one city. We are city churches, country churches, bus teens, church teens, public school teens, Christian school teens and everything in between. The KYF was founded by Pastor Mark Eaton (Central Baptist Church; Mt. Vernon, KY) and Bro. William Davis (Clays Mill Road Baptist Church; Lexington, KY).

What We Do:
The KYF conducts monthly “Youth Rally” type meetings where like-minded Independent Fundamental Baptist teenagers can fellowship with other young people who are also trying to serve the Lord and do right as a teenager. These meetings are packed with singing, games, skits, fellowship and most importantly preaching! The KYF also produces a newsletter that includes advertisements for future KYF meetings and sermons for teenagers.

Why We Do It:
There is a trend today of churches “dumbing” down their singing, preaching and meetings in order to entertain teenagers. While this may draw a crowd of worldly, carnal teenagers, I believe there is a group of young people who want and deserve more. A group that loves God and wants to serve Him. A group that strives to live right and reach the world with the Gospel. A group like the KYF.

 2017 KYF Schedule:

March 1-3 - National Young Fundamentalist Conference (Clays Mill Road Baptist Church - Lexington, Ky)

April 14 - Saddle Up (Circle C Baptist Ranch - Lancaster, Ky)

May 5 - Bible Baptist Church - Radcliffe, Ky 

June 23 - Gospel Light Baptist Church - Hazard, Ky

August 4 - Faith Baptist Church - Richmond, Ky

September 22 - Mount Olivet Baptist Church - Lexington, Ky

October 20 - Central Baptist Church - Mount Vernon, Ky

November 17 - Gospel Light Baptist Church - Ashland, Ky